SmartCast Manager

Save Time & Prevent Incidents, Maximize Your Equipment Uptime and

Enjoy Modular & Future-Proof Design


SAMIMSmartCast Manager® is an intelligent NMS Software Solution for centralizing, tracking, and visualizing how signals flow through entire video, satellite, and data network systems across one or multiple sites in a widely spread geographical area. Customized for every installation to enhance workflow, SmartCast Manager® connects all equipment, regardless of type, vendor or age. While supporting service providers with a complete and powerful solution for managing digital content delivery platform for broadcasting over satellite, terrestrial, DSL, and cable networks, its hierarchical architecture provides a scalable solution to oversee the entire ecosystem.

Intelligent alarm processing, relying on powerful correlation engine and user-defined rules and dependencies, results in automated root-cause analysis. By correlating information from multiple signals and systems, SmartCast Manager® offers advanced alarm management which helps operators easily deal with large volumes of alarms generated in large facilities. Multiple events can be managed as a whole, with related alarms automatically grouped under a single “umbrella.” This solution also takes advantage of the ability to integrate with any ticket & issue tracking platform. User panels and interfaces can be configured without limitation to meet the requirements of different workflows and applications.



We offer a wide range of innovative devices to ensure that your broadcast chain operates efficiently and reliably in the studio, at transmitter site and right through to the reception area.

Key Features

  • Scalable for all budgets and future expansion
  • 3rd party driver connection engine for peace of mind
  • Real-time monitoring & history tracking
  • Centralized web interface & mobile-ready
  • Customizable maps & displays
  • Alarm & notifications management
  • Customizable topology & dependency-aware intelligent alarms
  • Integrating with 3rd party Ticket Management, ERP or BSS
  • Automatic emails, pages or SMS messaging on fault conditions


Most parts of the SmartCast Manager® including Dashboards, Maps, Alarms, Correlation Rules, Reports and so on are user configurable to let the administrator and operators see what they want and get informed about the problems in the way they like.

Dashboards enable the operators to efficiently visualize vast amount of real-time and historical data through many customizable widgets (e.g. Gauges, statistical graphs, pie charts, …)




Maps mainly focus on providing operators with an easy to understand display, allowing rapid corrective action in the event of possible issues/alarms with a clear definition of devices and their service purpose (such as a video transmission). Maps can be configured with multiple levels appropriate to different tasks:


Geographic View
Maintenance View
Operatonal View

Robust and Scalable Architecture

The hierarchical structure of the control and monitoring nodes in SmartCast Manager® makes the whole system work like an army, so every single problem would be solved based on its scale and severity.

Each node in the hierarchy tries to analyze the events received from its underling devices or nodes and summarize the state of its local network and lets the parent node knows if there is something serious happening. The software is resilient to different kinds of failure because of its hierarchical and distributed architecture. If any node in the hierarchy fails to function the other nodes could still continue to work and the failure would remain local.


Grid Deployment
Centralized Deployment

Having multiple parents for each node provides the redundancy in control and monitoring centers. This makes the whole monitoring system resilient to failure in the case of a disaster.

End-to-end Vendor-independent Control and Monitoring

SmartCast Manager® can communicate with any equipment regardless of its vendor, protocol and communication medium, so the network administrator can monitor their whole network using a single software and in a single view. Currently it can communicate with devices using:


Communicate with Device Types


Using the most up-to-date security methods and protocols in different layers of the application, the network administrators can rest assured about the high level of security in the software. We have devised a standard user and access level management method in the software considering its hierarchical and distributed architecture.




  • Full user administration tools for multi-user environments
  • Multi-level access privilege
  • Geographically limitable access
  • Comprehensive audit trail
  •  Integration with 3rd party user management servers (e.g., LDAP)

Ordering Information

Standard Edition:

Up to 25 / 50 / 100 / 250 / 500 / 1000 / 2500 monitored devices. Optional add-ons are available to enable additional functionality.

Enterprise Edition:

Designed for large and complex deployments, it supports an unlimited number of monitored devices. The Enterprise Edition is supplied by default with all available add-ons for optimum experience.


Perpetual License:

One-off license purchase with annual recurring support fee.

Annual Subscription:

Yearly subscription fee covering the license rental and support with a 3-year minimum commitment.

Additional professional services can be purchased to assist with the installation and configuration of the platform as well as training.


Two level of support contract are available:

Standard support with hotline during office hours

Premium support with a 24/7 hotline

Both support levels provide access to software updates as well as our online resources. A 3-year support contract is included with all proposals. An upfront 5-year commitment will unlock additional discounts.