16x1 Router Control Panel

CPE-0161 is a router control panel with illuminated pushbuttons which is capable of routing 16 sources to one destination over a LAN. Pushbuttons can be easily labeled by using templates to customize the source and destination names. The CPE-0161 could be programmed by CPS-3232 software. Advanced functionalities such as undo (return to previous setting), audio/video (follow or breakaway mode), and locking the panel are supported by CPE-0161. Easy to use and compatible with all SAMIM routers are some of the main advantages of the CPE-0161.


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  • 1RU frame
  • 3-color pushbuttons (green, yellow, and red)
  • Undo button
  • Panel lock to prevent accidental selection
  • Connects to routers through Ethernet connection
  • Easy installation and configuration
  • Connects automatically to one router
  • Silent operation
  • Compatible with all SAMIM routers


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CPE-0161 16×1 Router Control Panel