16x16 Analog Composite Video Router

The AVS-1616 is a professional and broadcast quality platform for analog audio routing with 1RU dimension. The AVS-1616 routes 16 inputs to 16 outputs with linear frequency response. Working with a reference and switching with an analog video reference signal are some of the features of this router. The AVS-1616 is fully compatible and controllable with all SAMIM control panels over a LAN network and also the monitoring and controlling can be done through CPS-3232 matrix software.



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  • Compatible with all SAMIM control panels
  • Control and monitoring through CPS-3232 matrix software
  • Supports the ITU-R BT.470-6 analog video standard
  • Modular back panel
  • Rackmount
  • High efficiency and specifications
  • Low cost




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AVS-1616 16×16 Analog Composite Video Router