Broadband Integrated Telecaster

Today, one of the major challenges faced by broadcasters, news agencies, online media and social media is the coverage of breaking news and live events. Contribution of live and recorded video over satellite (SNG) is too expensive and time consuming. It also requires special infrastructure and equipment. Using IP-based solutions can overcome these constraints and provide more facilities.

SAMIM as a provider of IP-based video contribution systems, offers mid-range and enterprise level solutions for live and recorded video contribution.

The BitCaster product provides the best live video quality and latency for any portable or fixed location contribution application. Our proprietary channel bonding technology, bonds unmanaged IP networks such as cellular, Wi-Fi, satellite or public internet together to achieve high availability and high bandwidth. To attain high reliability and the continuity of streaming in case of bandwidth instability, we also use a proprietary Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR) streaming algorithm. This algorithm checks the network conditions and dynamically changes the video quality to fit the current bandwidth.


Key Features

  • Various Inputs
  • Flexible Encoding/Transcoding
  • Standard Streaming Protocols
  • Adaptive Bit Rate Streaming Protocol
  • Channel Bonding
  • Secure Transmission
  • Metadata Insertion
  • Video Recorder and Transcoder
  • Trustful File Transfer
  • Audio/Video IFB Channel
  • Multiple Transmitter Management
  • Various Outputs
  • Web-based Management System

Channel Bonding

SAMIM Channel Bonding Algorithm can bond multiple network interfaces together to increase the available bandwidth.

Adaptive Bit Rate

SAMIM Adaptive Bit Rate Algorithm, dynamically adjusts video bitrate according to the available bandwidth.

Feature Rich

SAMIM BitCaster containes different types of Input sources, streaming protocols and distribution methods are available.