DVB-S/S2 Single Satellite Receiver

STC-0530-81 is a converter of satellite signal to ASI and IP signals based on DVB-S/S2 standard. This card can transmit TS data as MPEG TS over an IP network in UDP and RTP packets using an RJ-45 connector. In this mode, TS data available in one specific frequency band can be transmitted over a network in Unicast or Multicast.

The card features one RF input and one TS output. The STC-0530-81 can be used with a Remux system for Satellite reception and terrestrial transmitters Signaling. LED indicators on the front edge of the card, inform the user about operational status of the module. Optional LAN control and monitoring is possible. 

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  • One L-Band DVB S/S2 input
  • One loop signal for the input
  • Frequency range of 950-2150 MHz
  • One ASI with loop and one IP output
  • LNB power supply included
  • Support for DVB-S/S2 standards
  • Compatible with SAMIM 3RU frames (SRM-0655)
  • Control and monitoring of RF parameters (Level & SNR)
  • Symbol rates of 1-45 MSymbs/s

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Product Description
STC-0530-81 DVB-S/S2 Dual Satellite Receiver
IP LAN 10/100 option