3G/HD/SD-SDI Audio Embedder

SAE-3390 is a very powerful and flexible solution for embedding 4 stereo/8 mono analog audio or 8 balanced AES sources into a 3G/HD/SD-SDI signal. This module is able to delay audios up to 10 seconds for each processed pair (1 ms step), then it matches the delay to follow video processing delay. The audio processor controls each 16 channels through web interface. The SAE-3390 has various configuration options, including internal pattern and test tone generator which are available for audio and video output.

Two SFP+ input/output cartridges are offered as an option. As SFP+ modules are installed, the inputs or outputs are selectable through the web interface. This system is designed as a 3RU card with an optional 1RU or 3RU housing frame. All controls and adjustments can be applied using web interface remote control. Also, main functional settings are available using frame front panel control.

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  • Supports 3G/HD/SD-SDI signals
  • Embedding digital audio into SDI digital sources
  • Frame synchronizer with Tri- level/Bi-level reference input and loss detection
  • Horizontal/Vertical timing adjustment with respect to reference input
  • Auto freeze, black, frame and pattern on video loss
  • Video processor: Noise remover, edge enhancer and brightness, contrast, hue, saturation control
  • Internal pattern generator
  • Audio processor (16 channel): Any to any input/output pair routing, gain control on each channel, invert and mute control on each channel, swap left/right audio of each pair, silence/overload detection
  • Audio delayer (16 channel): Up to 10 seconds for each processed pair (1 ms steps) + matching delay to follow video processing delay
  • Audio group de-embedding: De-embed audio from SDI input
  • Audio group embedding: Embed each pair of processed audios into the output video
  • Internal test tone generator
  • Web interface remote control
  • Remote update
  • SNMP support
  • Front panel control
  • 2 optional SFP+ selectable input/output through the web interface.

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SAE-3390 3G/HD/SD-SDI Audio Embedder
FTX Fiber Output (option)
FRX Fiber Input (option)