DVB-ASI Re-multiplexer with 5 ASI Inputs

The RMX-0510 is a professional module for re-multiplexing and encryption/decryption of SD and HD video and audio services which prepare SPTS and MPTS to broadcast DVB-S/S2, DVB-T/T2, DVB-C and IPTV networks. The RMX-0510 is a reliable solution to De-mux and Re-mux up to 5 ASI inputs through two independent ASI and IP outputs.

The RMX-0510 Re-multiplexer supports advanced analysis of TS inputs and display their accurate bit rates, as well as automatic and manual re-mapping of PIDs and service filtering. It also generates SI tables and processes them to attain flexible solutions for rebroadcasting.  This card is capable of producing and processing PSI/SI tables according to ETS 300 486 standard and also PCR re-stamping. LED indicators inform the user working status of the card.

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  • Two fully-independent ASI outputs
  • Complete analysis of ASI inputs and displaying service lists together with component PIDs and real-time bit rates
  • Displaying accurate bit rates of the outputs and inputs through software
  • Independent and accurate (kbps) output bit rate settings
  • PCR re-stamping
  • Complete regeneration of SI and PSI tables and up to 8191 PIDs support for each output
  • Control and monitoring functionality
  • Automatic remapping of PIDs
  • Manual PID re-mapping and resolving PID conflicts in outputs
  • Service-level add and drop
  • NIT table complete regeneration, including logical channel number (LCN) insertion, multiple TS ID insertion for different modulation types (satellite, terrestrial, cable, etc.)
  • EIT table insertion from one of the inputs
  • BISS encryption and decryption
  • Provides outputs as a network
  • Compatible with SAMIM 3RU frame (SRM-0655)


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Product Description
RMX-0510 ADVB-ASI Re-multiplexer with 5 ASI Inputs
IP LAN 10/100 network streamer (optional)
BIDEC BISS encryption support (optional)
BIENC BISS encryption support (optional)