TS Monitoring & Multi viewer System

MVP-0570 system composed of software and hardware can receives MPEG-TS packets as a TS over IP services from different ports on a LAN network, and design in a mosaic layout. It is capable of simultaneous H.264 and MPEG-2 services monitoring in 4K and full HD formats. In addition, it can store all alarms and errors occurred on each service in specific duration and after filtering, display and sending them by email and SMS is possible. Reporting of errors such as audio/video signal lost, video freeze, video black and others is featured of this system.


Also, it is capable of simultaneous record and replay of MPEG-TS services and decoding different services with H.264, MPEG-2 AND MPEG-4 formats and audio standards. The ability to monitor voice services bar graph, the choice of one of the image services and enlarge it to full screen service are other features of the software.

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  • Simultaneous Monitoring of HEVC, H.264 and MPEG-2 video services along with relevant audio channels
  • Simultaneous decoding of SD, HD and 4K formats
  • User-friendly software
  • Extracting MPTS and SPTS from IP network and selecting desired services from TS
  • Receiving TS on Unicast and Multicast UDP ports
  • Decoding different services in HEVC, H.264 and MPEG2 formats and various audio standards
  • Audio level bar graph and audible monitoring of services
  • Complete audio processing solution including loudness measurements, true peak level, out of phase detection, stereo mono detection, audio freeze and audio absence detection
  • Single service selection for enlargement to full-screen and audio playback
  • Display of service info and log counters next to each service
  • Reporting of important audio & video errors (Silence, Black, Freeze, Freeze and Silence, PID Loss, High and low loudness, Out of phase detection, Mono detection, Audio freeze detection for Video and FM/AM/AES streams)
  • Flexible and reconfigurable mosaic pattern designer for audio/video placement and display
  • UMD with ability to show custom info and visual alerting of incidents through single system
  • Log view with separate visual alerts and distinct colorings to enhance user experience on incident management
  • Customizable audio alert selection per service and per log type
  • Time and date display

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MVP-0570 TS Monitoring & Multiviewer System


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