20 channel FM Radio Receiver and Streamer

FMD-0510 is a multi-channel receiver which can receive up to 20 radio channels at worldwide FM band (88-108 MHz). The FMD-0510 receives FM signal and converts its analog audio (stereo/mono) to digital PCM format. Finally, FMD-0510 streams packetized audio over IP network. All its FM receivers have LNA and AGC blocks to optimize sensitivity and rejection of strong interferers. This module is able to measure the SNR and RSSI for each input channel. Also, it receives input signal RDS which is available using web interface. The signal is transmitted through UPD protocol. The MVP-0570 multi-viewer software receives the FMD-0510 stream, analyzes its audio packets, provide bar graph view for customers and detects silent, out of phase and loudness of the audio. All controls and adjustments can be applied using web interface remote control and SNMP protocol.

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  • Modular design
  • Receiving of 20 digital audio channels simultaneously
  • RF signal measurement such as SNR and RSSI
  • Analog audio conversion to digital PCM format
  • Stereo level measurement
  • Stereo pilot detection
  • Presenting RDS for up to 20 FM channels with PI code and RDS level
  • Simultaneous compression of 20 channel using various audio codec
  • Analyzing of audio by MVP-0570
  • User interface remote control
  • SNMP support
  • LED status indicator

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FMD-0510 20 Channel FM Radio Receiver and Streamer